May 17th

I'm the Fool
One who always,

..living in the moment..
..Trusting the flow of life..
..Taking crazy chance..
..Taking the foolish path..
..acting on impulse..
..Trusting one heart's desire..

Is that so wrong about being a fool?

12 signs that you know me well....:

  • You know why people calling me black instead of Rina
  • You know that i had a head surgery when i was 5 because a grandfather clock fell into my head
  • You will never ask me to quit smoking
  • You will call me flirty
  • You will ask me to give you a massage
  • You will remind me to check my belongings
  • You won't bother to give me the bus route, because i will end up going by taxi
  • You will not make me wait for more than half an hour at the mall due to my shopping habit
  • You won't get pissed each time i give you strange question
  • In the bar, you will buy me liqour instead of beer becuz u know that i hate beers.
  • you won't bother to tell me a racist joke because i will hardly laugh
  • you know i can eat any kind of food except ati dan ampela

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    Thursday, May 15, 2008
    secret project...
    write one story a day
    so i can read it to you,
    one day

    Posted at 10:48 pm by mimi_hitam


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